Asset Management

Whether your interest is achieving growth on your current assets, or to secure descent income on your current wealth, or a bit of both. Asset Management offers a vast variety of investments and tailor-made solutions in different asset classes, including stocks, sukuk, murabahat and real estate to ensure your financial goals can be achieved. Our past and current mutual funds and discretionary portfolio managements performance and achievements stand tall between our peers in the region.

Our Funds:

Equity Funds:

Al Hurr

The Investor Al Hurr Saudi Equity Fund.

Fixed Income Funds:

Al Murabaha

The Investor Murabaha in Saudi Riyal Fund

Real Estate Funds:

Digital City

The Investor Digital City Real Estate Fund


The Investor Mayasem Real Estate Fund


The Investor Emerald Beach Real Estate Fund

Al Ghroob

The Investor & Bin Saidan Al Ghroob Villas Real Estate Fund

Al Aroos

The Investor Al Aroos Height Resort Real Estate Fund

Al Saidanieh

The Investor Al Saidanieh District Real Estate Fund

Al Shati

The Investor Al Shati Villas Real Estate Fund

Multi Projects

The Investor Multi Projects Real Estate Fund

Al Yasamin

The Investor Al Yasamin Villas Real Estate Fund

Al Mutakamilah

The Investor Al Mutakamilah Industrial City Real Estate Fund

Asset Management Team:

Head Of Asset Management

Abdulla Shafeea


00966 200 7002 - Ext. 600

Product Development Manager

Raheel Bashir


00966 200 7002 - Ext. 606

Asset Management Coordinator

Medhat Shatila


00966 200 7002 - Ext. 601

Assistant Fund Manager

Bandar Hijazi


00966 200 7002 - Ext.605

Fund Manager

Mohammed Zahran


00966 200 7002 - Ext.604

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